The saga of my first negative eBay feedback

A few weeks back I noticed that I got my first negative feedback. The customer didn’t contact me or ask for a refund, they just gave me a negative review.

The item was an Olga vintage full length nightgown which the customer purchased 3 weeks earlier. Their comment with the negative review was that there were “brown and yellow stains” on the night gown.

I immediately contacted the customer to apologize and offered a full refund, including shipping both ways. No response from customer.

In looking at their profile I noticed that they were not just an eBay buyer but were also a shop owner and they sold similar items to my store. Specifically vintage nightgowns.

To me, it seemed that buyer/seller was not interested in being compensated for an item they didn’t feel meet their expectations but rather to “punish” a seller. A seller who also happened to be very new, and selling exactly the same type of items they did.

I’m not saying that I may have missed a stain on a vintage garment. I didn’t notice it when I had it under the lights photographing it.  Personally, unless the garment had a pant load of human excrement on it, I would probably contact the seller to resolve the issue. The buyer didn’t attempt to get a refund or make any move to return the item.

I believe their real motive was to eliminate some of their competition.

I followed the procedure to dispute bad feedback on eBay. The customer changed it from negative to neutral but insisted that there were stains and the didn’t want to return it because I was “nice seller” whatever that meant. They should know as fellow seller that they weren’t doing me any favors giving me a negative review even if they didn’t ask for a refund.

My sales have dropped by almost half, so mission accomplished seller/buyer d-bag!  You are now banned from my store. And I know where to get lots of vintage clothes, that I would  have sold you for your store at a good price.

Whatever/ Be aware that this kind of petty crap goes on in the eBay world. Up until now I have just been happy that someone purchased my items. Going forward I have to look at each potential buyer’s profile to see if they’re going to scam me in some way.

In another incident, I put up a solar panel kit for sale, local pickup, Buy it Now priced. Almost immediately the item sold for asking price. I contacted the buyer to complete the sale because local pickup items are not paid immediately, the seller has to work that out with the buyer. They never responded, when I checked their profile they only had 1 feedback. I am not sure what they intended to gain by “buying” it and not completing the sale unless they were also trying to sell similar items at a lower price. Who knows, after 48 hours I cancelled the sale and relisted the item, at a lower price. I eventually pulled all of my larger, local pickup items because I don’t want to deal with the BS. I will try to sell these items off of eBay probably via a yard sale.

Anyway, I’m not discouraged, there are enough honest people out there and the scammers are pretty easy to see coming once you know what to look for. eBay also has filters to keep low feedback buyers from bidding on your items. I am using all possible filters now. This could also be why sales are slow, but I don’t need the hassle of dealing with scammers.

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