What sold recently on the Internet of Things eBay Store: 2/27 – 3/10/17

Sales have been almost non-existent these past two weeks so I thought I would wait a while before my next post. I also have some idea why things have slowed down and what I plan on doing about it.

First what sold over the past couple weeks:

Etienne Aigner “Taylor” Black Leather Pumps 2.5″ Heel Size 7 M

Purchased for $3.99 from the Thrift Store, sold for $9.99 plus buyer paid for shipping.

2X Women’s Periwinkle Blue Stretch Lace Camisole Top Cami Ashley Stewart Spandex

I paid $1.99 at Thrift Store, sold for $9.99, buyer paid for shipping.

Derek Heart Sleeveless Tropical Print Sundress Women’s Size S 95% Cotton/5% Span

This was one of the first items I bought, but I think I only paid half price of what SA charges for dresses, probably around 3 or 4 dollars. It sold for $0.99 plus buyer paid for shipping. I try to have a few sacrificial .99 cent auctions running at any time. They seem to drive traffic to my store. They are on a 7 day cycle and if there are any watchers on your item they will be notified of the progress of the sale. In general I make whatever I hope to get for an item the starting price for auctions on eBay. The days of bidding wars seem to be over.

McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys 1992 Cabbage Patch Kids LOT of 7 NEW IN PACKAGE

This was also a 0.99 auction, however there was competition between two buyers, actually three but one was a person from Korea with 0 feedback so I blocked him from my store. It sold for $1.25 plus buyer paid for shipping. Ah yes the cash is rolling in now! This was part of a $5.00 a bag sale at an estate sale. I may have broken even in this case, maybe…

NEW Women’s Large Flannel Pajama Set Pink Panda Print Nick & Nora Pandamonium PJ

My one large ticket item of the week. New with tags, I paid $4.99 at Thrift Store. Sold for $30 plus buyer paid for shipping.

Chico’s Platinum Stretch Denim Jacket SIZE 1 – RN 79984

Another of the first clothing items I purchased for my store. I paid around $5.00. I put this for sale in my store right around Fall. Apparently you have to be at least 1 season ahead in clothing on eBay if you hope to get your asking price. This sat for months. I put it as a $1.99 auction item and that is what it sold for, buyer paid for shipping. They buyer gave me good feedback so that’s something at least. ┬áThe title was not the best from an SEO standpoint. But I think my titles are getting better.

Universal Studios Twister Extreme Risk Ride Pin Still on Retail Card w/Tags

I had a lot of watchers on this item which was part of a lot (grocery bag) full of buttons and pinbacks that I got at an estate sale for $5.00. This was a $0.99 item that got bid all the way up to $6.50, plus buyer paid shipping. Happy days are here again! And the rest of the bag of buttons is paid for, so there’s that.