What sold recently on the Internet of Things eBay Store: 03/11/17 – 03/25/17

Overall, sales have picked up. However most of my sales are from low priced auctions. But, the auctions generate traffic to my store and I am also selling more higher priced items. I also ran “March Madness Sales” and that seems to be driving more traffic to my store.

I know that if I list more and list better stuff I will make more sales and higher profit sales. Unfortunately, I can’t do that right now as I am in the middle of a move, which involves selling my current house and finding my next home. I have also just landed a new full time job.

So, I will fit in eBay sourcing and listing where I can knowing that my store will remain small until I can dedicate more time to it.

Here is what sold over the past few weeks. I’m just listing what it sold for without going into details as there are a lot of items.

Jimmy Choo Kitten Heel boots. – $23.66

These were in my store and on Poshmark for almost 2 months before selling.  I paid $3.99 at the thrift store so ultimately they were a good profit. I just wish I could do this more consistently and in less time. But I guess that’s what we all want as eBay sellers.