My eBay business plan

Step 1) List everything I have

Step 2) SEO the shit out of my listings

Step 3) Learn how to use Google Analytics to figure out what the hell people want to buy.

Step 1 is almost complete … Actually, Step 1 can never be complete I keep buying more stuff to sell. But, I have gotten rid of all of the surplus crap that I possibly can.

Step 2 I have been working on learning more about SEO titles and descriptions. I am getting traffic to my items and they do sell eventually, usually for much less than I had hoped.

Step 3 is still a mystery to me. Maybe it is un-knowable from an analytics standpoint. I tried Terapeak but I think I am too dense to know what to do with the info. It really didn’t look that different to me than checking the sold listings on eBay.

I have also just sold my house, and purchased a new house, so my listing will be grinding to a halt while I pack up my inventory and my household belongings and move.

Although I won’t be listing anything new I plan on cross posting all of my vintage items on Etsy to see if I can generate sales there. I really haven’t been showing Etsy any love and it shows, I only have a few items in my store. I have 2 follows or likes, or whatever and no sales.

I may try Poshmark again but I really don’t like all the sharing. I feel like I am only sharing with other sellers. Maybe that’s the point. Postmark may just be sellers selling to each other. I’m just not that into modern day fashions.